Fiber Optic Wall Mount Splice Storage Enclosure

Features & Benefits
Low cost solution for fiber splice & termination
Heavy gauge aluminum construction with tough powder coat finish
All stainless steel hardware – corrosion resistant
Padlock hasp for added security
Entry ports utilize flexible split web grommets, cable slots with removable plates and integrated strain reliefs for protecting fibers and ease of installation
Units are designed to be stackable to allow future expansion of your network
Key-slot embossed mounting dimples for ease of mounting on uneven surfaces
12 position splice tray holder with integrated fiber cable slack storage, up to 75 feet
Slide out tray provides easy access to fiber & equipment
Removable one piece top & rear cover for added access
Quick release door latches (superior to competitions plastic quarter-turn fasteners)
Mounting tabs to accommodate either a 19” or 23” equipment rack
Port identification card attached to the front door
Available Colors
Black or white
12 Tray Capacity Splice & Cable Storage

The American Products AM 50 SDC cabinet is designed to transition outdoor rated cable to indoor rated cable by housing up to 12 splice trays. The cabinet can also store up to 75 feet of fiber optic cable. Cable entry can be made from the top or bottom of the enclosure through a unique entry port that transforms into a slot for fast and easy cable tie down. The cable slot also provides easy access for pre-terminated or breakout cable by eliminating difficult feed through installations.

The dual door design provides security through the use of a SEMS bolt requiring a 7/16” nut driver for access. The facilities door is secured with a unique security bolt. A padlock hasp is provided for added security. An accessory packet is included with each enclosure containing 14 tie wraps, 10 cable routing clips, and one security bolt tool.
High strength-to-weight ratio
1/3 the weight of steel
Resistant to impact damage
Resistant to corrosion (weather & chemical)
100% recyclable


Enclosures are built and finished to the current Telcordia mechanical and environmental standards for telecom enclosures.

Fiber Optic Distribution Enclosure

Wall Mount Splice and Cable Storage Enclosure

Technical Specifications
Catalog Number AM-50-SDC
Height 21.5
Width 21.5
Depth 6.5
Adapter Capacity 0
Optional Splice Trays 12



Populate your enclosure with Adapter Plates

* Ask us about your pigtail and jumper needs

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