Add-On Enclosure

Add-On EnclosureThis enclosure provides additional capacityto an existing cabinet when that capacityhas reached its maximum. It is retro-fitted inthe field using an optional mountingtemplate with step by step instructions andcommon hardware fasteners.

Common Uses

These versatile enclosures mount to anexisting site cabinet to add an extra 6 RU ofrack space. This is a cost effectivealternative to adding capacity with out thecost of an additional cabinet or where thesite space is limited.


  • Offers 6 RU of rack space
  • Filtered ventilation louvers on front and rear doors
  • Thermostatically controlled AC or DC exhaust fan (optional)
  • Air Conditioner options available
  • Can be mounted to either side of the existing cabinet.
  • Add On EnclosureFront and rear doors are sealed with gasketing and
    secured with security bolts with cup washers. (can
    wrench/216 tool accessible per Telcordia standards)
  • 16 GA galvanized steel with powder coated finish, bolted
    and riveted construction
  • Side cable entry knock-outs
  • Reversible equipment mounting rack options
  • Climate control options are also available


  • Size: 22” Tall x 14” Wide x 23” Deep
  • Weight: 60 lbs approx.
  • Ship Weight: 85 lbs approx.
  • Material: 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Powder Coated: 1000 hour salt spray test
    in compliance with GR487 standards.
  • Rating: Designed and built to NEMA 3R

Part Number: AM-221423

• Add-On Enclosure Product Brochure

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