The Liberty™ Series Fiber Distribution HubLiberty

This affordable, high quality Fiber Distribution Hub features a low profile design, providing an attractive enclosure for rural & residential deployments. Services up to 576 homes from a single cabinet.

Top Features

  • Serves up to 576 homes
  • Pole and pad versions available
  • Front and back access with locking feature
  • Provides flexible fiber cable management
  • Low profile design provides an attractive enclosure for rural and residential deployments
  • Accepts standard LGX-style 1x32 splitters or cassettes, providing a flexible, high-density design
  • .125 ga Powder coated aluminum for strength, reduced weight and pleasing aesthetic appearance
  • Unique design minimizes fiber routing congestion
  • Pre-connectorized cable installed for rapid deployment

The Liberty™ Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) provides a secure transition point from the passive optical network (PON) to the subscriber drop for both pre-configured pigtail and/or patch and splice applications. The Liberty FDH’s unique adapter/LGX- style patch panels facilitate rapid service provisioningand reconfiguration in the field, while allowing for the use of non-proprietary, industry standard components. The Liberty Series FDH is offered in subscriber counts from 144 to 576,in three Models: FDH-144/288, FDH -432 and FDH -576. Units are equipped with wire management and can be ordered pre-configured and tested with 50’ or 100’ pigtails, patch panels with adapters and optical splitters.

  • High Security: Stainless Steel padlockable quarter-turn door latches
  • Material: .125" Aluminium, with all stainless hardware
  • Powder Coated: In compliance with GR487 standards.
  • 19" Relay Racks: E/A Adjustable
  • • Liberty Product Brochure

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